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Think outside of the box.

What is Bubelen?

verb, from middle english, to bubble

Bubelen is a system for building and maintaining bubbles. A bubble is a piece of code for testing, developing, profiling, debugging, and stress testing. Bubbles are similar to boxes which are used in box testing (sometimes also referred to as unit testing), however bubbles are not designed with the only goal being testing. More information on the bubble philosophy is included in the article, Bubbles - Producing efficient and reliable code, first time, every time.

Bubelen grew out of Boxster, which was a box testing system devised by Chad Z. Hower (aka Kudzu) in 1997 and used by the Indy Pit Crew.


Bubbling is a philosophy of development. Currently it consists of boxster, plus several custom projects. We are in the process of consolidating and providing a single integrated environment to facilitate the bubbling. Bubelen is this environment.

Open Source

Bubelen is open source, and is a sub project of the Indy Project. Bubelen is licensed under the normal Indy Project licenses.

Development Team

The development team is open to any who wish to join. The Bubelen team is managed in a structure very similar to that of Indy and led by:

More Information

  • Download - Download and use Bubelen in your development.
  • Mailing List - Join the Bubelen discussion group for more information, to ask questions, or participate in Bubelen's development.
  • Screenshots - See what Bubelen looks like before downloading.

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