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Read First!

Please do NOT send email directly to the members of the Indy Pit Crew unless specifically requested to do so (typically when a crew member needs additional information) or responding to an email from a member of the Indy Pit Crew.

Due to the amount of time the members of the Indy Pit Crew spend in the newsgroups while still earning their daily bread, they are unable to respond to technical questions via email. Technical questions are best directed to the appropriate newsgroup.

If you require fast priority answers beyond what we provide freely out of our spare time and of our own free will with no financial compensation, please see the paid support options below. Even with paid support, since Indy itself is completely free, it is still a cheap option.

If you are still not convinced why you should not send us mail directly please consider the following additional items:

  • Indy is done by a team. This means that certain people are responsible for certain parts of code. By sending email, you likely have sent it to the wrong person who is not the one who knows the answer quickly.
  • Email reaches one person and thus puts the load completely on that person. By using the options below, the complete Indy Pit Crew as well as many other Indy users will see your question and the appropriate person will be able to respond. In addition you are likely to receive a variety of answers from different people to further assist you.
  • Also please read How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

Technical Articles and FAQ

Many answers can be found in the technical articles listed at this web site and the FAQ. Please read these to see if the answer your questions.

Commercial Priority Support

Indy Experts Support  - Open source software is fantastic, but often lacks support. Indy Experts Support solves this problem for Indy. Indy Experts Support provides your company with priority e-mail and phone support in a very cost effective manner.

Indy Experts Support includes:

  • Priority e-mail support
  • Phone support
  • Direct access to Indy authors and project leaders
  • Custom code snippets and small projects
  • Priority bug fixes and Code review.
  • Consulting via Indy Consulting

More information

Free Support

Indy Web Forum

Atozed Software hosts an Indy web forum at https://www.atozed.com/forums/.

Chat Room on Gitter

Team Indy has created an Indy chat room on Gitter at https://gitter.im/IndySockets/Indy.

Indy Newsgroups

Team Indy monitors these newsgroups regularly, and everyone will benefit from your post.

  • For free technical support from Team Indy, please use the peer support newsgroups provided by Atozed Software at news://forums.atozed.com.

Archives of some of these newsgroups are available at Archived.at.

Stack Overflow

There are several Indy-related tags on Stack Overflow, including:

Yahoo Groups

Embarcadero Newsgroups and Web Forums

Embarcadero hosts the following newsgroups at news://forums.embarcadero.com. No registration is needed to browse and read posts.

If you cannot access these via NNTP, you can use your web browser to access the HTTP interface at http://forums.embarcadero.com instead:

NOTE: as of June 14 2018, the Embarcadero Newsgroups and Web Forum have been made permanantly read-only, see https://forums.embarcadero.com/ann.jspa?annID=157.

Archives of these newsgroups are available on the web forum, as well as at Google Groups.

Embarcadero Community Forum

Embarcadero also hosts a Community web forum at https://community.embarcadero.com.  This forum is badly organized, but Team Indy does monitor it regularly for Indy issues.

Problem / Bug Reporting

Problems and bugs should be reported using the bug reporting form.

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